Welcome to ZimaZee Ventures

ZimaZee Ventures is a Nigerian company launched in 2006 and based in Lagos. ZimaZee Ventures is a home, body and gift shop located in Victoria Garden City (VGC) in Lagos, Nigeria. We are based at the Ikota Shopping Complex. ZimaZee Ventures retails distinct household wares, home decor, gifts, jewelry, and fashion accessories. The store imports products from the US and retails these products at moderate prices.

With a wide selection of products, ZimaZee is managed by Mariam Auta. The store is owned by Atim Annette Oton who is based in the US and co-owns Calabar Imports (seeĀ www.calabar-imports.com) which is based in Brooklyn, New York. ZimaZee brings the diaspora to VGC, and offers discounts to designers and retailers. Inquire at the shop for specials or via email.

ZimaZee can provide products at wholesale prices – typically 10-25% off our retail value. With our experience and international exposure, ZimaZee focuses on unlimited possibilities.