Leadership Team

ZimaZee Ventures is led by:

Atim Annette Oton

  • Nigerian-born, U.S. and British educated designer, Atim Annette Oton is a designer, visionary thinker and entrepreneur in the retail and design sectors. She is the co-Founder of Black Design News Network, a news bureau, online magazine, digital library and ‘workspace’ hub for black designers in Architecture, Interiors, Industrial, Product, Graphic and Fashion Design. She is the co-owner of Calabar Imports in Brooklyn, New York. In 2009, she stepped down from her role as the Associate Chair of Product Design at Parsons School of Design to concentrate on creating a bi-monthly lifestyle publication about black Brooklyn home décor, fashion, culture, and lifestyle, Calabar Magazine and to open ZimaZee, a store in Lagos, Nigeria. Atim was born in Calabar, Nigeria where she spent her formative years before coming to the US to study architecture at the City College of New York in Harlem under the influential black architect Max Bond (who she later worked for) and the Architectural Association Graduate School in London, England.

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