ZimaZee Ventures Retail Division began in 2006 in Lagos, Nigeria as an expansion of Calabar Imports and its goal of going global. ZimaZee’s first global retail footprint is our retail store located in VGC, Lagos. This sector is led by Atim Annette Oton and Heloise Annette Oton. It is managed by Mariam Auta.

ZimaZee Ventures Retail focuses on five key retail markets:

  • Home Decor and Kitchenware
  • Fashion and Fashion Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Aromatherapy
  • Books
  • Gifts

We focus on retail and are slowly expanding into wholesale.

ZimaZee Ventures Import and Export division is  an import and export sector of the company focusing on the retail of home and body goods. The company focuses on the import of American and Asian goods – householdwares, home decor, aromatheraphy,  jewelry, fashion, fashion accessories, and gifts into Nigeria.  The company primarily exports Nigerian goods to the US. As a Nigerian company, we work directly with a US company and partner, Calabar Imports.

ZimaZee has three prime focuses:

  • Import of American And Asian Products

This key service is  about importing into Nigeria the following goods: housewares, home decor, aromatherapy,  jewelry, fashion,
fashion accessories, and gift items. We then retail these goods at our retail location in VGC, Lagos

  • Export of Nigerian Products

This key service is about exporting from Nigeria craft goods – fashion, fashion accessories, paintings, jewelry, home decor.

  • Import and Export Consulting

This key service is providing information about importing and exporting strategies at a price.

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